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Mother toss vigorously in the church in the cold ground, blue coat was torn, silver skirt package in the body. Tie Lu Ma pressed her; I stopped her mouth with a handkerchief. Mother's eyes turn to, finally can only see the supercilious look ball. The head and limbs all start no rhythm fast twitch. Zha Rumah pinned the mother, with a hoarse voice whispered what language is strange, but very fast, I know it is a prayer. I also began to pray, all didn't realize he used an ancient language: Ave Maria, Mater Dei, ora Pro nobis pecatoribus, nunc ET in Hora mortis nostrae... I noticed that the mother's mouth linen towel -- she was biting, looming above some blood. I pressed her legs twitching in the head. I suddenly startled, and found we stood next to a stranger, he loudly in Latin prayer. I looked up to see a black father, he had to take care of the altar there. Now and then he grew up in the bottle to sprinkle some water in the mother, or in her cross in front of him, his mouth had been praying.